Quality Boat Lifts  


  • We have lifts from 2,250 lbs to 140,000 lbs to fit all your needs.

Cable Keepers-Cable keepers protect and extend the life of your cables by eliminating cable cross over.

Fully Enclosed Winders-With the winders positioned between the cable beams having a unitized construction which prolongs the life of your drive shaft.

Secure Attachment To Drive Shaft-Drive sprockets are welded to the drive shaft.  No bolts or cross pins are used for this critical attachment.

Unique Adjustable Wedge Locks-Wedge locks allow the cables to be pre wound.

Grooved Aluminum Cable Winders- Supplied standard with all lifts.  Grooved winders protect galvanized coating on take up pipes and extend cable life by reducing cross over.

Guide Post With PVC Covers-Reinforced guide post base with guide post and PVC covers for protection against marring boat’s rub rails.  Easily adjustable if repositioning is desired.

Stainless Steel Pile Mounting-Stainless steel piling mounts eliminated corrosion at the piling, CCA treated wood corrodes aluminum brackets.  Stainless steel dramatically extends the life of the bracket and cable beam.

Maintenance Free Pulley Assembles- Maintenance free pulley assemblies with a unique self lubricating bearing, eliminating the need to climb around the lift to lubricate.

Cradle System Weights Standard-Concrete filled guide post inserts help prevent cradle system floatation when boat lift is under water and water craft is unloaded from boat lift.

Chain Drive- To Minimize Customer Maintenance