Wood Floating Docks:
Our docks are built of marine grade lumber. We can mix durable and standard floating docks, which come in 3 versions according to your needs —Platform Dock, Rail Dock shown with ladder accessory, and Bench Dock shown with ladder accessory. These standard floating docks are well designed and come in any length, width or design.  here are many options to upgrade your dock to whatever your desire.

We screw each frame with stainless steel screws. Its corners are secured with 4 x 4’s and thirteen 3 inch x 10 stainless steel deck screws, which make them stable and inseparable.

Dock Flotation:
– 100% Virgin Grade LLDPE and EPS;
– EPS foam filled for maximum buoyancy;
– Unique FLASH DOT feature for night docking;
– Thick mounting flanges and slots for ease of installation;
– 150 nominal wall thickness;
– Sizes range from 8” – 32” depths;
– 203 lbs. buoyancy – 4804 lbs. buoyancy;
– Full line of dock protection, hardware & accessories;
– Industry leading 15 YEAR WARRANTY.

Wooden Gang Planks
Our wooden gang planks come in many lengths up to 16 feet with many different widths.

Our Floating Docks come in 3 versions and can be mixed for your needs.

Platform Dock

Rail Dock shown with ladder accessory

Bench Dock shown with ladder accessory

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